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ProTops is a premier manufacturer of some of the finest, custom-fit, fiberglass Camper Shells and Tonneau Covers on the West Coast at extremely competitive prices. For over 30 years, ProTops’ distinct line of quality Camper Shells have set the standard in styling, aerodynamics and craftsmanship that our customers have grown to expect from us. From stringent specifications and uncompromising quality control standards, your ProTops Camper Shell or Tonneau Cover is carefully manufactured of strong, rust-free and weather-resistant fiberglass that fits perfectly to your truck’s distinct body lines. We offer Camper Shells that fit most truck models and our various options allow you to customize your ProTops product for your specific needs.   Why Choose ProTops? The people behind ProTops has manufactured quality Camper Shells and Tonneau Covers to pickup truck owners since the late 1960's. Technology has since changed, but our commitment to quality and superior customer service has never changed. We strive to earn your business everyday by providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service at an affordable price. Here are just a few reasons to choose ProTops: Superior Customer Service  - Our mission statement, "Keeping You Covered for the Long Road Ahead!"   defines us and reflects our passion for providing quality service with a smile. We're with you from the moment you enter a ProTops Authorized Dealership to years later and many, many miles down the road. When you need us, we'll be here for you… Dealer Expertise - ProTops Camper Shells and Tonneau Covers are sold through a highly qualified network of experienced and  knowledgeable Authorized Dealers.   New Models   - We consistently strive to release new models as soon as possible when OEM manufacturer's release their  new truck models, ensuring that our product are ready for sale when you pull into a dealership with your brand-new truck.   Full Product Line-up ProTops product line offers you many choices to meet the needs of you, your family, your truck and your life. They include:     - Fiberglass Camper Shells (cab-high and high-rise) for every budget and application. Whether you're looking for a sleek, contoured look, a more utilitarian design, a unit with extra head room or a commercial, multi-door unit - we have you covered.     - Fiberglass Tonneau Covers - great for adding stylish functionality to your truck bed and improves mileage as well. - Heavy-Duty commercial grade units that offer a rugged design and a wide range of racks, doors and customizing options.     - A wide range of factory-installed options and accessories can make your new ProTops Camper Shell or Tonneau Cover more useful, more convenient and more valuable.     At ProTops, we are proud to be one of the premier manufacturers in our industry and welcome the opportunity to service you! Customer Product Spotlight ProTops’   customers   can   email   their   best   photos   of   their   new   Camper   Shell   or   Tonneau   Cover   in   their   favorite   setting   (beach, lake, park, worksite, etc.) and we will feature it on our Product Spotlight page… Fuel Savings   In   2007,   SEMA™,   the   Specialty   Equipment   Marketer’s   Association,   conducted   the   latest   in   a   long   series   of   studies   on   the   effect tonneau   covers   have   on   the   aerodynamics   of   pickup   trucks.   The   tests   took   place   at   AeroDyne   Wind   Tunnel   in   North   Carolina,   a site   often   used   by   the   NASCAR™   community.   The   new   tests   confirmed   what   other   tests   have   shown:   Hard   fiberglass   tonneau covers   reduced   the   drag   coefficient   of   a   moving   pickup   truck   by   an   average   of   6.5%.   These   results,   combined   with   recent   on- road   pickup   truck   testing,   prove   conclusively   that   adding   a   fiberglass   tonneau   cover   improves   fuel   economy   by   6%   -   10%, depending   upon   the   vehicle   and   driving   conditions.   That   means   that   adding   a   ProTops   Tonneau   Cover   to   your   pickup   will   save you   gas   and   money.   You   can   enjoy   all   the   style   and   security   of   a   ProTops   tonneau   cover   while   you   put   CASH   back   in   your pocket. These savings mean your ProTops tonneau cover will soon PAY FOR ITSELF!
ProTop Industries, Inc.
Quality Camper Shells & Tonneau Covers
Solid Side & Rear Doors Solid doors are available on one or both sides of the shell, also in solid glass or sliding windoors allowing full access tools and equipment within the truck bed. With Optional Sliding Window Windoors FEATURED PRODUCT